The Masonic Roundtable: Episode 10 – Charity

Last night on The Masonic Roundtable, we discussed the topic of Masonic charity. One of the most frequent questions I get from non-masons is: “So what do you Masons actually do?” I usually respond with something to the effect of “charity and good works,” which then usually begs the followup question “like what?”

The problem I’ve always had with answering that particular question is that Masonic charity is as boundless and varied as the men who make up their respective lodges. Yes, there are a number of “institutionalized” charities at the Appendant Body (e.g. the Shriner’s Hospital for Children [1] or the Knights Templar Eye Foundation [2]) and Grand Lodge (e.g. the Masonic Home of Virginia [3]) level of Masonry, but by and large each individual Blue Lodge makes its own decisions on charitable giving.

Last night’s discussion really gets to the heart of why we, as Masons, take pride in giving back to the community. Take a look!


[1] The Shriner’s Hospital for Children does incredible work. See for more information.



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